Currently, the Foundation is hosting the AMRF Programs in neurology, oncology and immunology. The Foundation receives many inquiries from researchers who are interested in participating in an ongoing AMRF Program as Collaborating Scientists. The Foundation welcomes these inquiries and is committed to growing its AMRF Programs. Current Collaborating Scientists are often the best source for these introductions, but formal invitations to participate must come from the Foundation. If you are interested in becoming involved with the Foundation, please review this interim policy and follow these simple steps.

1. Send an e-mail to the Science Officer in charge of the AMRF Program in which you are interested (contact information is available at describing in about 300 words your ongoing work, key relevant publications, and specific interest in joining with other Collaborating Scientists in an existing Program.

2. The Science Officer, in consultation with others, will consider your work and whether they feel you will be a good fit with the goals of the applicable AMRF Program. You may be asked to discuss your interests further with the Scientific Officer.

3. If the Science Officer, in consultation with others, believes that you may meaningfully contribute to the applicable AMRF Program, you will be asked to submit a 2-3 page overview about your potential role in that AMRF Program. In this overview, you will want to discuss the following considerations:

a) Do you bring a strategy or tool or intellectual insight that can benefit the Program and any on-going Collaborations?
b) Do you offer a sound and creative direction for the AMRF Program?
c) How is your work or perspective different from work/perspective already represented in the AMRF Program?
d) How do you see your work incorporated into a Collaboration?
e) How can you help to solve a scientific problem that can advance the AMRF Program's objectives of developing new therapies?
f) Having offered ideas of potential benefit, why are you uniquely qualified or skilled to participate?

4. Your overview will be reviewed by the Foundation. You may be contacted for further follow-up.

5. If the Foundation determines that you are likely to be an effective contributor to the AMRF Program, you will be invited to the next AMRF Program workshop, held approximately every March and September. In the interim, you can interact with other Collaborating Scientists.

6. In the future, every Collaborating Scientist must execute a confidentiality agreement governing his/her participation in an AMRF Program. Every Collaborating Scientist participating on a Collaboration must execute a Funding Letter Agreement prior to receipt of financial support from the Foundation.